marți, 4 octombrie 2016

The best 360 virtual tours software solutions

It is a really tough task if you need to choose from a couple of software solutions that you really don't know much and publish then an article or some kind of review about them to the management in order to choose one of those software solutions that would be adopted by the whole company.

The best 360 virtual tours software solutions that we found were not the top searches from google, as those guis had a lot of clients and were not really that interested in building abetter software solution, or improving their software in sugch a way that it would really bring a lot of value to the customer and also to convince the people that are sawing for instance a presentation to really purchase that property.

So - we needed a solution that was easy to use even for the most non technical users from our real estate company, we also needed to have great support in the backoffice, as there are a lot of thechinicalities that not anyone can handle and we also did not want to hire a professional.

So - after a couple of days of searching and intense researching, and trying different demos for different pieces of software we have reached the conclusion that the Tour Wizard is in fact the mose versatiel, the most user friendly and in fact the best virtuasl tours creator that money can buy.

It has all the features that anyone would need, it performes flawlessly (without any kind of annoying bugs) and anyone can use it without having any kkind of prior training.

How to rent a minivan with driver in Bucharest

If you are wondering how to rent a minivan with driver in Bucharest for a very good price, then you have arrived in the right palce to do that. As I was moving from one house to another in Bucharest in the last week-end I had to hire a local company that was doing all this transportation thing with a mini van.

And the company was really great, as the quality of the car was great (in fact it was a brand new vehicle, which was great as an experience, the peoples that were helping me were polite and the driver was exceptional and had a very good atitude on the road and not only).

I really like being in Bucharest due to the fact that anyone seems to be speaking english, which is in fact one of the most important things when you are doing businiess like the rent minivan in bucharest  - one - which was really great.

Also, the fact that the streets are so crowded in this city makes me want to avoid any kind of contact with this traffic, as the people are really aggressive, they tend to drive very fast, then to use the break in the last moment, which in fact it is not my type of business at all.

Overall... the experience with local companies that are renting cars with drivers is great, so I won't drive in the near future.